After recent developments, Mark not only looks like a sane person compared to Musk, but Facebook Quest looks like a fine product compared to Apple Vision.

How the tables turned!

Microsoft is so funny with its developers. I can neither get into Azure nor publish an app on Microsoft Store. They must really hate having high-quality apps built on their platforms.


Learning ML brings me back to when I had just started programming. My brain explodes with ideas about what I can do.

It's a fantastic long-gone feeling.

I noticed that developers are most passionate and dogmatic about the most inconsequential things, like tabs vs. spaces, const fn = () => {} function fn() {}, or let vs. const, using switch, etc.

When a JS dev ends up in hell, they are not physically tortured. Instead, they try to finish a passion project, but their dev environment breaks daily.

They wake up and spend the whole day upgrading Node.js and the deps, which all had major releases. And that for eternity.

Chirr App is the ORIGINAL thread maker. I released it in 2017 when the limit was 140, and threads weren't a thing.

We're a small team of three bootstrapping this business for six years, and our livelihood depends on it.

We put a lot of time and energy and brought a lot to Twitter.

Twitter is valuable because of the people that use it and how they use it.

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Twitter must really HATE developers. Our app, with over 1000 paying customers and even more free users, got suspended on Good Friday night for "violating" Twitter Rules.

After the Weekend and Monday, we still not getting an answer even though we had paid for the plan.

We got from featuring #1 on the Twitter Toolbox, that supposed to honor developers that spend years improving the ecosystem, down to being disrespected.

Also, I don't believe it works as well as before. If influencers were fresh air after rigid corporate ads, now they are seen as the same - agents of corporations disguised as humans.

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Additionally, I'm disenchanted in thinking that anyone who reads me is my audience to use. I cherish what I have had on Twitter so far - people engaging with my ideas or questions.

And hate to think that I used to consider it a marketing channel. I stopped building in public, talking exclusively about my products, and trying to hack the system.

They are great as distribution channels, but they won't have my loyalty anymore.

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In light of recent Twitter changes, going further, I'm going to focus on mediums that I 100% control.

Meaning my own Mastodon instance, self-hosted blog, and newsletter.

It sucks investing a decade into Twitter and having to pay so I can reach my friends.

I'm not willing to pay, not only because pay-to-win sucks, but because it opened my eyes to what social networks do - appropriating your content and connections without any guarantee for the future.

I just spotted this new page in the Firestore documentation: Understand real-time queries at scale.

Learning from a book with GitHub Copilot is fantastic - it knows the examples and saves you from typing but still gives you the experience of writing the code. 10/10

🚫 What Elon did:

- Don't communicate the risk of 2FA
- Push users to upgrade to Blue to keep SMS 2FA, which neither help with telco scam nor makes their accounts secure.
- % or remaining will disable 2FA.

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2️⃣ In the second scenario, I would prefer to have it this way:

- Disable SMS 2FA for new accounts.
- Bug users on SMS 2FA with a popup that push them to migrate to app-based 2FA.
- After a while, lock the remaining users until they enable app-based 2FA.

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