In light of recent Twitter changes, going further, I'm going to focus on mediums that I 100% control.

Meaning my own Mastodon instance, self-hosted blog, and newsletter.

It sucks investing a decade into Twitter and having to pay so I can reach my friends.

I'm not willing to pay, not only because pay-to-win sucks, but because it opened my eyes to what social networks do - appropriating your content and connections without any guarantee for the future.

They are great as distribution channels, but they won't have my loyalty anymore.

@koss absolutely the right take on what has happened.

I know we joke about Big this or that, but Big Media really did weaponize our complacency. Now we have learned what they will do, what we do with that knowledge is critical.

Indieweb is and should be the future. So glad you are here!

@koss Right! I invested over 10 years on the bird site too! Sucked to have had to stop posting, but Musk has become unbearable.

@koss seconded! I moved all my content to my own website. The only medium outside that is my mastodon account here. (Not hosting my own, but still better than on any social media networks out there).

@koss Awesome, great decision. While I donʼt have the technical knowledge to have my own instance, I do what I can on my own spaces. I realized I was only making the milliardaires even richer by spending time on their platforms.

@jackyan that's a good point, no way I'm watching these (scammy nowadays btw) ads or paying for Blue.

@dckc @koss Thanks, Dan, Iʼll look into it. Would prefer our own but installation all looks command-line-driven and as a layman, Iʼm not confident. Would be much happier making a new database and uploading a bunch of files via FTP. 🙂


Yea, we don't need no toxic algorithms in the house or on the deck (see image)

You know but for others here #hashtags are what surfing the net was in the past.

#mastodonhelp #twittermigration #newtomastodon

@koss Understandable. I also arrived here a few days ago, just to make myself independent of any possibly crumbling networks. I run my own Mastodon server as well, so I’m sure it stays online as long as I like.

@koss Lots of services also first lure people in and once they've reached critical mass, they start to worsen the deal by limiting stuff behind paywalls and whatnot.
Once you've got plenty of connections on a platform it becomes increasingly difficult to switch over to a new one and the companies realize this.

@chertograd yeah, network effect is sticky but I’m confident in musk’s ability to destroy it

@koss I have a couple cool friends on there, so that is that. It when down the hole. Elon's ego won't let him sell it. Now, I'm on a couple platforms, which is a PIA, lol. Still better than squandering time all day in Bird crap.

@AbortTheGQPNOW oh I’m sure he will have to sell it, it’s such a liability

@koss It’s hard leaving Twitter after 12 years. Unfortunately my feed has become a cesspool and Elon’s actions boosting autocrats over democracies is alarming. #TwitterTheseDays

@yoopermoose I’m not leaving per se it’s going to be just a distribution channel for me

@koss Twitter is for me not social media but news ressource.

@koss I don't know your situation so this may not be applicable, but for me, an alternative with much less work involved (ie not running my own instance) is to host all my own content on a simple blog (technically a static site generator) and link to posts from social media like a Mastodon account (or Facebook, if it's something family, etc might care about). Treat the social media posts themselves as ephemeral.

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