Additionally, I'm disenchanted in thinking that anyone who reads me is my audience to use. I cherish what I have had on Twitter so far - people engaging with my ideas or questions.

And hate to think that I used to consider it a marketing channel. I stopped building in public, talking exclusively about my products, and trying to hack the system.


Also, I don't believe it works as well as before. If influencers were fresh air after rigid corporate ads, now they are seen as the same - agents of corporations disguised as humans.

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@natik I didn't want to blast my peers, but even indie hackers' community standards have degraded 🙊

@koss community standards are flexible in support of the company that owns the community. So, back to what you said. ;(

@natik oh yeah, but I'm sure we'll outlive Space Karen.

@koss what are you working on nowadays anyway? Chirapp is having a few bumpy months I’d assume? Sticking with it on Mastodon, or done with social media apis?

@natik oh yeah, ever since Musk came, people were churning as hell. Until the dust is settled I can't make myself invest any time in Twitter, so we're building an AI workflows builder:

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