Twitter must really HATE developers. Our app, with over 1000 paying customers and even more free users, got suspended on Good Friday night for "violating" Twitter Rules.

After the Weekend and Monday, we still not getting an answer even though we had paid for the plan.

We got from featuring #1 on the Twitter Toolbox, that supposed to honor developers that spend years improving the ecosystem, down to being disrespected.

Chirr App is the ORIGINAL thread maker. I released it in 2017 when the limit was 140, and threads weren't a thing.

We're a small team of three bootstrapping this business for six years, and our livelihood depends on it.

We put a lot of time and energy and brought a lot to Twitter.

Twitter is valuable because of the people that use it and how they use it.

@jperlow @tchambers yes it's over API, but the thing is it's not an actual suspension but rather a way to make us move to the new API quicker.

@koss @tchambers shoot me an email if you feel at liberty to explain. jperlow at gmail

@grandfubar it’s an OK distribution channel, and I'm sure I'll outlive Space Karen on it. But never say never!

@koss No, Elmo is simply a malignant narcissist and an idiot

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