Microsoft is so funny with its developers. I can neither get into Azure nor publish an app on Microsoft Store. They must really hate having high-quality apps built on their platforms.


Twitter must really HATE developers. Our app, with over 1000 paying customers and even more free users, got suspended on Good Friday night for "violating" Twitter Rules.

After the Weekend and Monday, we still not getting an answer even though we had paid for the plan.

We got from featuring #1 on the Twitter Toolbox, that supposed to honor developers that spend years improving the ecosystem, down to being disrespected.

Learning from a book with GitHub Copilot is fantastic - it knows the examples and saves you from typing but still gives you the experience of writing the code. 10/10

When I asked Bing AI to recall my previous request, they gave me a meditation request I had never made. Then they said that it was from another user.

It took me a while to understand the difference between parameters and arguments in JavaScript:

paramater - what the function expects to get, the "variables"
argument - what is passed to function, the values

Aligning to the center seems like the most popular, but it bugs me that I have to move the mouse so much to the left to navigate.

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What's the best wide-screen layout for readability?

- No width limit
- Limited width, aligned to left
- Limited width, aligned to the center

I'm working on the update for the upcoming v3 release, and I'm going overboard with small details like adding a search to the constants module doc.

The conspiracy theory I believe in: Silicon Valley moguls figured age reversal, but hide it from us, peasants.

That would explain why so many of them act like teens with unhinged takes, inflated egos, and edgy humor.

Twitter forgot to update their Incorporated Developer Terms 🤡

The Twitter developer agreement says "PLEASE READ THE TOS OF THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY, INCLUDING ANY LINKED TERMS REFERENCED BELOW," but later in the very first section provide a broken link.

If you use Copilot, open your file, go to the end, enter "// A" and share the answer!

Mine is frighteningly accurate.

There's so much free speech on Twitter nowadays that I don't know what to do with it.

The date-fns format is probably the most used function and also the most heavyweight one.

We introduced intlFormat which is very lightweight but extremely verbose.

I'm trying to find an an API that will make the latter a breeze. Any ideas?


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